A symbol of never ending love & eternal life

This endless, intertwining Celtic knot work symbol with three corners, possibly of pagan origin with its original meaning lost in time. The Trinity knot is one of the most recognisable symbols of Celtic culture.

We do know that the number three held deep significance for the Celts, the three corners possibly representing the three intertwined domains of earth, sea and sky, or solar and lunar phases.

In later centuries, The Trinity knot was adapted to Christianity, with the three points representing the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The golden age of Irish art and metalwork coincided with the period of early Irish Christianity, enlightenment, learning and faith which saw Ireland celebrated as the 'isle of saints and scholars'.

Irish monks worked from dawn till dusk, working with infinite care and patience to produce handmade and lavishly illustrated versions of the gospels, stopping only to eat and pray. Today the Book of Kells remains a testimony to the artistry which produced this lasting legacy.

The twists and turns of the Trinity Knot symbolise the timeless nature of the human spirit.

It reflects the convergence of mind, body and spirit - a message which is as powerful and mystical today as it was in those ancient times.

With no beginning and no end, this intricate decoration is a sign of eternal life and never ending love.

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