The Tree of Life - ancient Celtic symbol of balance, harmony and rebirth

Symbolism. The Celtic Tree of Life meaning is ultimately about the forces of nature combining to create balance and harmony.
The branches reach for the sky, the roots reach down into the ground. A representation of the link between heaven and earth, mind and body and the never-ending cycle of life
Powerful, sacred, wise beyond measure and a portal to the otherworld. Life giving, sanctuaries, symbols of rebirth.

The Celts of ancient times believed that trees had several powers and were the source of all life.
The symbol of the Tree of Life has thus been preserved for many centuries in Ireland.
It is said to represent balance and harmony in all worlds, connecting heaven, earth and the underworld.

The branches reach out representing the search of learning and knowledge in life.
The trunk symbolises strength and unity from family, its flowers and fruit show renewed growth and the eternal life.
At the base the deep roots represent reach deep into the underworld, where the Sídhe (fairly folk) resided.
Trees were thought to be symbols of longevity, rebirth and renewal, strength and wisdom, and were believed to be our ancestors reincarnated.

Trees would have been planted at the centre of any new settlement, known as Crann Bethadh(basically meaning Tree of Life), providing vital resources such as food, shelter, and a meeting point for ceremonies.

The Celts are thought to have revered five sacred trees, the most powerful being the oak, which represented the centre of the world, and the most potent doorway into the underworld - indeed, the Irish word for oak is 'doir', from which the English word 'door' is thought to originate.
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